Want a little fun in your life? Host a remote game night from your room

After you watch all Netflix, you want some social sharing. During physical disturbances, it can be difficult to find a way to connect with family and friends. But we have a solution – set up online games to play with friends. With tons of game options and these easy-to-setup instructions, you can invite everyone from your niece to your grandfather to take part in the fun for the game night.

Tell your friends that they need access to smartphones and laptops so that they are ready in time. Here’s how to set up your game night with friends, including video-chat apps, Internet requirements and game details to play.

Quick Setup Guide to Playing Online Games with Friends
Everyone is logged into the video-chat platform selected from their computer or laptop.
The game host can access the game on their computer screen and then share their screen with the group.
Your smartphone acts as your game controller. Decide whether you want to play jackbox games or aircon consoles. For jackbox games, go to jackbox.tv in your smartphone browser and enter a four-letter room code. For AirConsole, go to AirConsole.com in your smartphone browser and enter a six-digit number.
Start your game.
Which video-chat app is best for online games?
If you want to play online games remotely with your friends, you first need to decide which video chat platform you want to use. Everyone needs to connect via a single video-conferencing app. Zoom, Google Hangout and HouseParty are the most popular and functional applications for this purpose.

How to use Google Hangouts, Zoom or HousePart for game nights
You can create a free Google Hangouts account. Anyone with a Gmail address can access Google Hangouts. Zoom is a popular platform for everything from work meetings to games, but remember that the free version of Zoom will finish your call after 40 minutes.

HouseParty is growing in popularity due to free access and unlimited talk time. In the HousePart app you can buy and play popular games like Heads Up, which eliminates the need for a separate computer screen. Houseparty has a limit of eight per call, so if your gaming group is larger than that, you may need to use other video-chat tools.

Use this quick side-by-side price for gaming, the number of players and the recommended internet speed so you can choose the best video-chat tool for your group.

Which online games are the best?
The two best collections of online games to play with friends are the Jackbox games and Airconsole. JackBox has been a video-game developer for over three decades, so he has plenty of time to perfect his game, with the relatively new AirConsole entering the market in late 2015.

A nice feature of both the Jackbox and AirConsole is that only one person needs a paid account. If someone in your friend group already has an account, they can share their screen with the rest of the group and don’t have to buy their products again.

Want to find out which gaming collection is right for you? Compare this jackbox vs. aircon console to determining which multiplayer party game is best for your group.

The jackbox will initially cost more, but the quality of the games is worth the investment. The graphics are beautifully designed and the interface is intuitive. Also, games are intelligent, fun and easy to learn with the help of a built-in narrator who explains the rules at the beginning of each gaming session. If you already know how to play, you have the opportunity to skip the introduction. Below is an example of a Jackbox Fitbase game where players respond to common sense to cheat each other.

AirConsole app mo 4.99 / mo Price. Then, only one person is required to become a member. Everyone else can play for free. There is also a free version of the app, but it limits game selection and the number of players to four or less. Some of the best games for groups include Friendsquiz, Quizwitz and Go Kart! Quiz friends and very confident Mario Kart Doop. Airconsole is a great choice for kids and young players because of the simple and fast games.

Schedule your online game night
Don’t forget, make sure you have the internet speed needed to make your online party a success. And before you play your game night with friends and family, send a calendar invitation to remind your group or create a Facebook event – it’s easy to forget that we all work from home and learn remotely.

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