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How smart is your house in the near future?

This is hard, but at least one massive technical conference / exhibition is scheduled for 2020.

It’s CES 2020, which drew 170,000 people from Las Vegas from January 7-10. People from all over the world have unveiled the best and most luxurious products in all sectors of the industry, including many smart home products, which are set in the ever-expanding Internet of Things (IoT) bandwagon.

Looking at the issue of toilet paper hoarding, we are now talking about sarcasm, the smallest freaky rollboat from CES this year. This is Charmaine’s bear face, an app-controlled wheel robot that runs to protect those who reach the throne without toilet paper.

This and many other products that begin at CES each year are “concept” products that will never be manufactured or marketed. Others are available for purchase or will be soon.

Both are good fodder for ining how smart your house is or how smart it is:

Available now or soon
Hydralop – This tank, similar to a refrigerator, but very thin, is installed inside buildings and recycles rain and water from tubs, sinks and washers, giving it soap and dirt. Cleans the residue to be reused for washing clothes. , Pool or garden. It is much smaller than other water recycling systems and can reduce maintenance and use by up to 45%. Hydrups have been sold for years in Europe and Asia and cost around US $ 4,000.
Samsung Xero – The name of this 43-inch television shot in Bailey’s trailer, which means “vertical” in Korean and separates it; Its default position is perpendicular to the ground, smartphone-style. This is perfect for videos that have never been told to us, but many of us do anyway and are too easy for our purposes. Then this leads to the old-timey horizontal material that makes every generation happy under your roof, except for those who are too embarrassed to wait a few seconds for a transformation. Now available in Korea, it is expected to hit the U.S. market later this year.
Norwalk – This is coming after the startup Rumba, which launched the Smart Set Map and Vacuum last year, and added both to a device, a self-cleaning feature, and no need for dusty floors. Some more time. It is currently up and running on Kickstarter, where “Super Early Birds” can own their own 499 pledge or one-third of the final retail price.
Higher concepts for the future
The Appearance Behemoth has revealed two concepts this year – GE Kitchen Concepts Shift and Home Grown. “Shift” uses voice and facial recognition to keep counters, cabinets and accessories easy to use for every member of the home, making them available to the disabled or elderly in the home. “Home Grown” connects three varieties of gardens in the kitchen to supply vegetables, fruits and other fresh produce, as well as screens and informs the growth, nutritional value and freshness of those crops. Any word on when these amazing discoveries will become reality.
Samsung Bailey – If you like the BB-8 in the last Star Wars trilogy, you’d love to have a tennis-ball yellow “fellow robot” through your home, an AI-powered home personal assistant that responds to voice commands, and can rally other smart devices, such as the Rumba capacity. Its camera can record and transmit special events on your phone and help individuals and pets “read” and meet their needs. It is not clear how you can prevent the dog from playing with the ball. There is no announced release date or price.

You Moyan Smart Tap – This is a very simple-looking faucet, which has infinite settings in its smartphone app, giving you precise water and water for your activity temperature (also included if you have Google Assistant or Alexa Voice Command), and you Turn this on and off with your hand wave Yavaccu. Unlike many fake sensor-controlled taps you find in public restrooms, there is a backup – a handle on the right side of the spout that allows you to control the flow and temperature.
Bash Virtual Wizard – It’s not technically a “smart home” device, but it’s not cool to share this concept: a transparent LCD screen that can replace your car’s sun view, which is very close to your surroundings. Sun rays without seeing the whole scene. . A review of the concept suggests that this still requires some realization, but how often drivers face this problem, it screams for a solution. Studies have found that the bright sun can be an important factor in collisions, but this is difficult to prove.
Ensuring your home is ready to be smart
In 2020 our homes will not be “more plugged in”. From your smart TV to your smart refrigerator, internet connectivity has given us Jetson the perfect home.

To keep your house and all its equipment running smoothly, consider the need for speed and whether you have enough of us using our speed test.

Before connecting to more home appliances that require Internet connectivity, take the time to find out what service your home already has. Research the requirements for online sensitive use of your devices, such as Alexa, and then see if fiber or other services are available in your area.

Do not forget to consider your router and other Internet connection devices for the upgrade.

Back to the Future
In these troubled days, it may be helpful to stay home and return until January, when large-scale tech conferences are considered remnants of the Begans era, when these new innovations were unveiled, and they were still on the way.

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