Users are guided to Internet speeds

What is Internet speed and why is it important?Think of internet speed as water pressure: how much it is growing in a given time. (With water pressure, it is technically how much volume increases in a given space, but for practical purposes, it is attractive.) Computers connected to the Internet …

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Get the scoop on some fun, great phone facts!

There is a science behind generating our telephone numbers, though there are some phone number streams, including Tommy Tuton’s “867-5309 / Jenny” song. But why do phone numbers need 7 digits, area codes, and what did you do before the 911 came into existence? Here’s the story … How to …

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How smart is your house in the near future?

home internet

This is hard, but at least one massive technical conference / exhibition is scheduled for 2020. It’s CES 2020, which drew 170,000 people from Las Vegas from January 7-10. People from all over the world have unveiled the best and most luxurious products in all sectors of the industry, including …

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Are you from California? Looking for the Best Internet Plans for your home or business? Looking for Availability of Verizon FIOS Internet in your area? We’ll help you to find the Verizon FIOS Internet Availability in California. Verizon FiOS continues to expand with Verizon Fiber Optic cables being deployed throughout …

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Ransomware Attacks Grow, Crippling Cities and Businesses

SAN FRANCISCO — New Orleans’s city government crippled. A maritime cargo facility temporarily closed. Hospitals forced to turn away patients. Small businesses shuttered. The cause in each of these incidents: ransomware attacks. In recent years, hackers have taken to locking down entire computer networks and demanding payments to let users …

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